Florida Fruit Shippers masters three key ingredients to present the perfect fresh fruit gifts: the finest fruit, selected from the top 1% of Florida's giant citrus crop; careful packing by hand using premium materials; fast, accurate delivery. At Florida Fruit Shippers we work year 'round to ensure that all three of these elements combine to offer you the finest fresh Florida gifts available anywhere.

Florida's Great Citrus Growing Regions produce many varieties through the harvest season, each noted for its sweetness, unique flavor and abundant juice. Your fruit is carefully tended throughout the year, then picked at the exact moment of ripeness to assure that it is at its flavor peak. Florida's premium varieties include seedless Navel Oranges in November and December, delicious Honeybell Tangelos in January, flavorful Temple Oranges in February; zipper-skinned Honey Tangerines in March, juicy Valencia oranges March to June; and Ruby Red and Seedless White Grapefruit November to May.

Once harvested, your fruit is same-day packed in our exclusive lidded gift tray packaging, each tray a gift within a gift. Every order is custom packed by hand by our experienced gift fruit packers, who proudly put their name in every box. Each pack gets a final inspection before moving directly onto one of our gift fruit trucks.

The fresher your fruit, the better the flavor. That's why we operate our own express trucking system offering delivery throughout thel U.S. and Canada. Orders are carried to the postal drop point nearest the destination, with local delivery to any mailing address.

Florida Fruit Shippers offers only the finest premium fruit, fresh picked and rush delivered. That's why we say, UNLESS YOU LIVE IN A GROVE, YOU CAN'T EAT FRESHER, SWEETER FRUIT.

Fruit Calendar:  November - December: Fall Star Tangerines, Navel Oranges, Scarlet Navels Oranges, Red and White Seedless Grapefruit; January: Navel Oranges, Honeybell Tangelo Oranges, Red and White Seedless Grapefruit; February: Temple Oranges, Ortaniques, Red and White Seedless Grapefruit; March: Honey Tangerines, Valencia Oranges, Red and White Seedless Grapefruit; April/May: Valencia Oranges, Red Seedless Grapefruit; June - August: Valencia Oranges, select Tropical Fruit.

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