Florida Fruit Shippers respects the privacy and security of our customers. All information regarding inquiries, correspondence or orders from customers and visitors is held private and treated with discretion.

FFS uses an ID to track customers in our store. The purpose of the ID is to connect shoppers with the items they place in their "shopping cart" and to enable the checkout process.

If your browser accepts cookies, a two-part ID will be saved as a cookie by the browser; however acceptance of cookies is not required to enable online shopping at FFS.

FFS maintains in-house data which is entered voluntarily by visitors who request a brochure or place an order online. This data is maintained on our private system which is not connected to the Internet. We do not sell or share email ID's or other customer data with any other parties.

We do not collect or maintain personal data outside of data received as part of the brochure request and/or order process.

FFS occassionally sends email or snail mail information to customers regarding our seasonal offerings or special promotions. Email messages are normally limited to quarterly or less frequent mailings. To opt out of receiving such messages please send an email message to us at ffs@orangesonline.com briefly indicating no email or other solicitation.

We never solicit recipients. FFS will send brochures or literature to recipients who contact us and request the material. We do not include sales materials in our gift packages.

Our server uses SSL technology to provide data security for all online transactions at Florida Fruit Shippers.

Netscape compatible browsers are automatically directed to the secure server. Users of other browsers are prompted to select Secure Checkout when ready to complete their transaction.

Users of browsers which are not SSL compatible can select non-secure checkout. In this mode a form is presented which can be printed and then completed and faxed to 727-341-2001; or the form can be used to assist you in placing an order to our toll-free number, 1-800-715-8279.

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