Buyer's Guide to Florida Citrus

Buying Babybells

What are Babybells? They're the smaller, cuter version of the popular, incredibly delicious Honeybell, a sweet, juicy citrus that people can't get enough of once they try it. Honeybells are seedless, easy to peel, and have an incomparable flavor. They're named for the distinctive "bell" shape at the top of the fruit, and Babybells share the same unique look.

Buy Babybells

This "mini" version offers a "snack size" for those who prefer a smaller citrus. But it's also so darn cute that it gives us lots of other ideas, too. For instance…

  • Hosting a baby shower? Order these little sweeties to use as favors or place markers—they look charming in a little toy carriage or cradle, too.
  • Or, how about sending a gift basket of Babybells to new moms and dads? Delicious, healthy, and easy to grab when you're busy with other "little" things.
  • Speaking of kids, children love these little guys. Babybells are sized for small appetites, and fit nicely in little lunchboxes.
  • Ever buy those small canned orange segments to throw into salads or other dishes? Babybell segments are the fresher, far more flavorful version.
  • How about as favors or decor for a father–daughter or mother–son event? The "big" Honeybell and small Babybell are obviously "related," and look so sweet together.

We're sure you can come up with plenty of other great ideas for these delectable little Babybells. Of course, there's also absolutely nothing wrong with buying a box or basket just to snack on!

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