Buyer's Guide to Florida Citrus

Buying Fallglo Tangerines

The Bottom Line

The Fallglo can bring gorgeous color and bright, juicy tangerine flavor into your life while the fall leaves are still on the trees!

Buy Fallglo Tangerines


The Fallglo is nice and big for a tangerine. It's so big that you might mistake it for an orange, in fact — although it's adorably plump and squat in the way that most tangerines are. The Fallglo has a striking, deep–orange peel.


Sunshiny and sweet like all tangerines, the Fallglo Tangerine has a bright, rich tangerine taste.


Fallglos are packed with juice and great for juicing! You'll be amazed by the vibrant orange hue.


The Fallglo is a seeded citrus, but we think you won't mind a few seeds when you're enjoying these.

Eating out of hand

Fallglo Tangerines are very popular for eating out of hand. They peel fast and easy and segment up beautifully. Everyone loves their sweet, juicy taste — especially children.


The Fallglo gets to be first! It's our earliest–ripening tangerine, available from October through December. If you just can't wait for that first citrus of the year, or if you'd like a gift basket of tangerines for your Thanksgiving table, the Fallglo is for you!

Best Used For

A nice snacking fruit or lunchtime treat, the Fallglo tangerine is also a great choice for juicing. In fact, some consider this a premium choice for tangerine juice due to its larger size (it's just a bit quicker to deal with than smaller fruit). Although most of us are more familiar with orange juice than tangerine juice, many citrus connoisseurs actually prefer tangerine juice and consider it more flavorful.

Why Should I Buy Fallglo Tangerines?

Buy Fallglos when you're eager for the first harvest of fresh, delicious Florida citrus, or because you enjoy a large, juicy tangerine.

Interesting Facts

Remember your fractions? You'll need to in order to understand the Fallglo's parentage. This fruit is actually ⅝ tangerine, ⅛ grapefruit, and ¼ orange. Since its qualities most strongly resemble a tangerine, though, that's how we refer to it.

The word "tangerine" is derived from Tangier, a city on the coast of Morocco where tangerines have grown in abundance for hundreds of years.


The Fallglo variety was created by the USDA in the 1960s in response to the desire for a delicious early–season tangerine. Citrus researchers in Orlando worked to perfect the variety and released it to be grown commercially in 1987.

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