Buyer's Guide to Florida Citrus

Buying Sugarbelles

The Bottom Line

The Sugarbelle is a new citrus variety that's taking Florida by storm, and for good reason. Sugarbelles are sweet, super flavorful, seedless, and beautiful–plus, the trees are resistant to citrus greening, an exotic disease that has been weakening citrus across the country.

Buy Sugarbelles


These are gorgeous, giftable little fruit! Sugarbelles are a bright, brilliant orange (like a honeybell). They have a unique small "bell" at one end–again, like a honeybell! Their unique and attractive appearance is definitely part of their appeal.


Sugarbelles have a rich, sparkling, complex flavor that has been very highly rated by tasters! The balance between sweetness and tartness is spot on, with lots of good juicy aroma.


Sugarbelles are a nice juicy fruit that aren't quite as drippy as a honeybell. In other words, you probably won't need a bib with these.


Sugarbelles are typically seedless–although, as we always say, a couple can sneak in every once in a while.

Eating out of hand

Seedless, snack-size, and super easy to peel, the Sugarbelle could hardly be a more perfect fruit for eating out of hand.


Another great feature of the Sugarbelle is its earlier and slightly longer season than its short-lived Honeybell cousins: November through January.

Best Used For

Sugarbelles are perfect snacking and lunchbox fruit, and people really love citrus that works for that! But these fruit are also versatile and can be used for juicing or in desserts and other dishes.

Why Should I Buy Sugarbelles?

Buy Sugarbelles because you want to try an awesome new variety that has everything going for it and that just might help Florida preserve its rich citrus heritage.

Interesting Facts

The Sugarbelle is very high in vitamin C–up to 40% higher than comparable varieties. It's not just delicious…it's nutritionally superpowered.

"Sugar Belle" also happens to be the name of a My Little Pony unicorn in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic TV show.


The Sugarbelle is a cross between a honeybell and a clementine. University of Florida researchers actually developed this variety back in the 1980s. But it's really come into the spotlight lately due to its natural resistance to citrus greening, a disease that's killed citrus trees around the world. The Sugarbelle contains naturally high levels of compounds called phenolics that appear to help the trees fend off greening. Not only that, it tastes fantastic.

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