Buyer's Guide to Florida Citrus

Buying White Grapefruit

The Bottom Line

The golden, seedless Marsh grapefruit has been grown in Florida for over 120 years. It's a juicy, full–flavored, "old–fashioned" variety that many grapefruit lovers prefer.

Buy Marsh White Grapefruit


The Marsh is a medium–sized, beautiful, golden–skinned grapefruit. The flesh inside is a pale lemon–yellow.


While some are partial to the Ruby Red's sweet flavor profile, white grapefruit frequently comes out ahead in blind taste tests. This is due to its balanced acid–sweetness profile and full, "grapefruity" flavor. The Marsh also has a lot of the classic grapefruit aroma that many of us love.


The Marsh is an ideal juicing fruit. If you've ever had a glass of commercial grapefruit juice, chances are good that it came from a Marsh.


Marsh grapefruit were the very first seedless grapefruit on the market! Although you may find an occasional stray seed (as with all "seedless" citrus), your experience will typically be seed–free.

Eating out of hand

People sometimes ask us if grapefruits can be peeled and eaten like an orange. While we've seen it done, most people don't enjoy dealing with the white pith. Here's one way to get to those luscious, pith–free sections using a knife.


The Marsh is an early winter fruit, available mainly November through December.

Best Used For

Of course, the Marsh is a perfect breakfast grapefruit. But it's also extremely well–known for the quality of its juice. In fact, almost all commercially produced grapefruit juice in Florida comes from Marsh grapefruits. We also recommend the Marsh for culinary uses, like sauces, fresh cocktails, and baking.

Why Should I Buy Marsh Grapefruit?

Buy Marsh grapefruit because you love the full–flavored, classic, vibrant grapefruit taste. Many Florida "old–timers" prefer Marsh to the new red and pink varieties. You might also consider the Marsh if you're a big fan of grapefruit juice or love to use it in cocktails or other beverages. Many people think it's the best choice for these uses.

Interesting Facts

Tiki bar owners are very partial to white grapefruit! They say red grapefruit juice doesn't measure up for the tropical citrus–based drinks they serve in their restaurants.

People often can't figure out how grapefruit got its name. These people have probably never seen a grapefruit tree covered with fruit! You see, grapefruits tend to grow together in clusters that do look kind of like huge bunches of grapes.


The Marsh was discovered growing as a seedling tree on a farm in Lakeland, FL, around 1860 and noticed for its seedless fruits. It didn't become widely planted until the 1880s–1890s, when nursery owner C. M. Marsh realized the opportunity he had. Marsh was the first commercially produced seedless grapefruit.

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