Free Shipping

What's better than juicy, fresh-picked Florida oranges? Free shipping! Here's where you'll find our "sweetest," most tempting deals. Absolutely free shipping on these products at the times specified.

November Specials

These items ship in November only.

  • Tangerine Special
  • Out of Season
  • Juicy Florida Tangerines, first of the season available now with free shipping.
  • Grove Bskt Free Ship
  • Out of Season
  • Free Shipping of this Holiday Grove Basket filled with Florida fresh Oranges...

December Specials

These items ship in December only.

  • Premium Oranges
  • Out of Season
  • Premium Select Navel Oranges, flavorful Sugarbelles and Tangerines shipped free
  • Deluxe Ships Free
  • Out of Season
  • Our assortment of premium Oranges, Grapefruit and classic Florida...
  • Four Ship Free
  • Out of Season
  • Premium Oranges, Apples and Pears Ship Free to US, reduced to Canada.

January Specials

These items ship in January only.

  • Honeybells
  • Out of Season
  • Incredibly juicy and sweet with a rich full flavor, Florida's finest...
  • Reds & Bells
  • Out of Season
  • Honeybells and Ruby Reds, the sweetest oranges and grapefruit in one pack...
  • Citrus Trio
  • Out of Season
  • Three variety pack of Florida Navel Oranges, Tangelos and Ruby Red...

February - March Specials

These items ship in February and March only.

  • Spring Tangelos
  • Out of Season
  • Spring Tangelo Oranges are thin-skinned, flavorful and ship free.
  • Temples and Reds
  • Out of Season
  • The finest fragrant, flavorful Florida orange and Red Grapefruit shipped free.
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