Juicy Tangerines, sweet and easy to peel
Fast Facts
Availability Nov 7 to May 21
Status Avail. Next Season
Shipped to US* & Canada**
*excluding AK, HI
**excluding T, V, X, Y codes

Easy Peel Tangerines

The Shipping Season Begins mid-November

Maturing through the season, sweet and colorful, our tangerines are available November to May.

Thin–skinned Tangerines are very easy to peel and section, making their sun–drenched flavor readily available on demand. Sure to become one of your favorite gifts to give and get!

We harvest juicy Tangerines from our Florida groves November to February, and from our central California groves February to May.

No Longer Available This Season

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"We work hard to select only the finest fruit and deliver it in excellent condition. I Unconditionally Guarantee you and yours will enjoy our fresh Florida citrus."
Rick Del Greco Owner, Florida Fruit Shippers


Tangerines are available November through May to the lower 48 US States and Canada.


In Greek mythology Hercules was sent to retrieve three Golden Apples (tangerines?) from the Hesperides and bring them back to Eurystheus. Later Hercules presented Hades with a cornucopia of Golden Apples during his quest into the Underworld. Thus began a tradition of giving citrus gifts that continues today.

Tangerines were first brought to Florida in 1876. A large number of tangerine trees were later imported from Japan in the early part of the twentieth century. Florida is the largest producer of tangerines in the United States.

Because citrus trees bear both fruit and blossoms at the same time they have long been viewed as a symbol of fertility and bountiful crops. Our tradition of giving citrus as gifts at Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Years is a part of this long history of thanks, hope and renewal.

Harvested in fall, winter and Spring, Tangerines are prized as gifts offered in anticipation and hopefulness for the coming seasons.

Nutritional Information for Fall Star Tangerines

One large tangerine, about 98 grams:

  • 43 calories
  • 1 g protein
  • 2 g dietary fiber
  • 13 mg calcium
  • 154 mg potassium
  • 90 RE vitamin A
  • 30 mg vitamin C
  • 20 mcg folate

Easy Peel Tangerines Product Specifications

6 Pcs.
Package Particulars
  Recommended for:  1-2 persons
  Weight (approx.):  2.2 lb/1 kg
  Pieces (approx.):  6-8 oranges
  Available to: U.S. and Canada
1 Tray
Package Particulars -
  Recommended for:  1-2 persons
  Weight (approx.):  6.5 lb/2.9 kg
  Pieces (approx.):  15-18 tangerines
  Available to: U.S. and Canada
2 Trays
Package Particulars
  Recommended for:  2 persons
  Weight (approx.):  11.7 lb/5.3 kg
  Pieces (approx.):  30-36 tangerines 
  Available to: U.S. and Canada

3 Trays
Package Particulars
  Recommended for:  2-3 persons
  Weight (approx.):  17.6 lb/8.0 kg
  Pieces (approx.):  45-54 tangerines
  Available to: U.S. and Canada
4 Trays
Package Particulars
  Recommended for:  3-4 persons
  Weight (approx.):  22.6 lb/10.2 kg
  Pieces (approx.):  60-72 tangerines
  Available to: U.S. and Canada
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