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Availability Jan 27 to Feb 20
Status Avail. Next Season
Shipped to US* & Canada**
*excluding AK, HI
**excluding T, V, X, Y codes


The Shipping Season Begins mid-November

Availability Extended Through February 20

Missed the short Florida Honeybell season? We've got you covered with these beautiful and delicious Honeybells from our California groves. Like our Florida Bells, they're only available for a few short weeks - but in February!

Honeybells are coveted from southern Florida to Seattle, Washington for their juiciness, sweetness and bright citrus flavor. These Honeybells, from the same parentage but grown in the terroir of California's Central Valley, have their own interpretation of the Honeybell palate. This is your opportunity to compare and contrast these east coast/west coast cousins.

No Longer Available This Season

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"We work hard to select only the finest fruit and deliver it in excellent condition. I Unconditionally Guarantee you and yours will enjoy our fresh Florida citrus."
Rick Del Greco Owner, Florida Fruit Shippers
We harvest Honeybells from our Florida groves in January, our central California groves in February.

Honeybell Juice

Honeybells are enjoyed for fresh eating out of hand, however the juice of the Honeybell is also very delicious. The juice will generally hold its flavor for 2-3 days in the refrigerator, but neither the juice nor the fruit will freeze well.


The Honeybell is actually a tangelo, that is, a tangerine-grapefruit hybrid. It is also called "Minneola Tangelo." It was developed by researchers in central Florida, near Orlando, and released to growers and the public by the USDA Horticultural Research Station in 1931. The citrus world hasn't been the same since.

Honeybells were developed by crossing Duncan Grapefruit with Dancy Tangerines. The Duncan is known for its rich, sweet flavor and juice, but it is also very seedy. The Dancy Tangerine is sweet and flavorful but also small with seeds. Crossing these two varieties resulted in a large orange with a delicious sweet-acid flavor and extremely high juice content. Honeybells are usually seedless or have very few seeds.

No Concern About Drug Interaction

According to the USDA Agricultural Research Center (ARC) there is no concern about drug interaction. Many medical professionals recommend to patients that they do not consume grapefruit when taking certain drugs, especially statins like Lipitor and Zocor, due to compounds in grapefruit that prevent breakdown of these drugs. Because Honeybells have grapefruit parentage some people have asked about whether Honeybells will also interact with these drugs. A study by ARC determined that tangelo hybrids, including Honeybells, do not contain the compounds which cause the interaction. Complete information is available online in the report, TANGERINE/GRAPEFRUIT HYBRIDS (TANGELOS) DO NOT HAVE FURANOCOUMARINS ASSOCIATED WITH GRAPEFRUIT/DRUG INTERACTIONS.

Nutritional Information

One medium Honeybell or 1 cup sections (3.5 ounces in weight) contains:

  • 47 calories
  • .94 gm protein
  • 11.8 gm carbohydrates
  • 2.4 gm dietary fiber
  • .12 gm fat
  • 86.8% water
  • 21 RE vitamin A
  • 53.2 mg vitamin C
  • 30.3 mcg folate
  • 40 mg calcium

Honeybells Product Specifications

6 Pieces
Package Particulars
  Recommended for:  1-2 persons
  Weight (approx.):  3.8 lb/1.7 kg
  Pieces (approx.):  6 Honeybells
  Available to: U.S. and Canada
1 Tray
Package Particulars
  Recommended for:  1-2 persons
  Weight (approx.):  8.3 lb/3.7 kg
  Pieces (approx.):  12-18 Honeybells 
  Available to: U.S. and Canada
2 Trays
Package Particulars
  Recommended for:  2-3 persons
  Weight (approx.):  16.0 lb/7.2 kg
  Pieces (approx.):  24 Honeybells
  Available to: U.S. and Canada

3 Trays
Package Particulars
  Recommended for:  3-4 persons
  Weight (approx.):  23.7 lb/10.7 kg
  Pieces (approx.):  36 Honeybells
  Available to: U.S. and Canada
4 Trays
Package Particulars
  Recommended for:  4-6 persons
  Weight (approx.):  31.4 lb/14.2 kg
  Pieces (approx.):  48 Honeybells
  Available to: U.S. and Canada
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