Premium Florida Oranges and Grapefruit in a Jumbo equiv pack shipped to US including Alaska.
Fast Facts
Availability Nov 13 to Apr 12
Status Avail. Next Season
Shipped to US* only
*excluding HI

Last Minute Priority Delivery

The Shipping Season Begins mid-November

Our ONLY Recommended Shipping Method to Alaska!

Need your gift to get there fast? Our US Post Office Flat Rate Boxes are shipped via Priority Mail and usually arrive nationwide in 2-3 days, 3-6 days to Alaska.

One Tray Express Deluxe

Our best premium Florida Oranges arranged in a single layer with an extra treat of Orange Marmalade and two Coconut Patties (shown, top).

Bonus Box Express

This larger (12-14 lb.) Express Box is packed with two layers of sweet Oranges and Ruby Red Grapefruit. The deluxe style adds Coconut Patties, Orange Blossom Honey and two jars of our exclusive Jelly and Marmalade (deluxe version shown, bottom).

No Longer Available This Season

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"We work hard to select only the finest fruit and deliver it in excellent condition. I Unconditionally Guarantee you and yours will enjoy our fresh Florida citrus."
Rick Del Greco Owner, Florida Fruit Shippers


The Last Minute Priority Gifts are available to the 49 Continental US States, including Alaska but excluding Hawaii. Most gifts arrive in 2-3 days, slightly longer to Alaska.

The One Tray Express Deluxe and the Bonus Box Express Deluxe Style are not available to AZ, CA, LA and TX due to USDA regulations. Only the Bonus Box All Fruit Style is can be shipped to these states.


The Last Minute Priority Gifts are packed with:

  • Premium Florida Oranges
    • Nov - Jan: Navel Oranges
    • Feb - Mar: Temple Oranges
    • Mar - Apr: Valencia Oranges
  • Ruby Red Grapefruit (Jumbo Equiv. Sizes Only)

The Jumbo Equiv. Deluxe style adds:

  • Orange Blossom Honey
  • Florida Marmalade
  • Florida Tropical Jelly
  • Chocolate-dipped Coconut Patties


In our catalog, these items show lower retail prices but higher priority mail shipping charges. Because our online catalog is configured to add a fixed shipping charge, we adjusted the online retail price to yield the same total price when the fixed shipping charge is added. So although you may notice the print catalog and online prices are different, the total cost of the packages is equal.

Last Minute Priority Delivery Product Specifications

1 Tray Equiv. w/ Goodies
Package Particulars
  Recommended for:  2 persons
  Weight (approx.):  9 lb/4 kg
  Pieces (approx.):  12 oranges PLUS
    1-5 oz. Orange Blossom Honey
    2 Chocolate Dipped Coconut Pattie Bites
  Available to: US including Alaska, but
    excluding AZ, CA, HI, LA, TX.
Jumbo equiv.
Package Particulars
  Recommended for:  2 persons
  Orange-Grapefruit-Mixed?:  Specify mixed to
    include Ruby Red Grapefruit
  Weight (approx.):  15 lb/6.8 kg
  Pieces (approx.):  16 oranges -AND-
    8 grapefruit 
  Available to: US including Alaska, 
    excluding Hawaii
Jumbo equiv. Deluxe
Package Particulars
  Recommended for:  2 persons
  Weight (approx.):  15 lb/6.8 kg
  Pieces (approx.):  14 oranges -AND-
    7 grapefruit  -PLUS-
    8 oz. Coconut Patties,
    8 oz. Orange Blossom Honey,
    5 oz. Orange Marmalade,
    5 oz. Honeybell Marmalade
  Available to: US including Alaska, 
    excluding Hawaii
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