We accept American Express Card, Discover Card, MasterCard, and Visa. Billing is processed at time of order placement.

Please allow 14 calendar days for arrival of the package from the time your order is placed.

Shipping charges are noted with each product listing and are charged per package unless otherwise stated.

We ship to all valid postal addresses including PO Boxes. Packages are carried to their destination on temperature controlled gift fruit trucks and transferred to the postal service for local delivery.

Fruit is fresh harvested, packed and shipped weekly to most points, more often during the holiday and Honeybell seasons, unless noted otherwise in product description. Therefore you should anticipate arrival within 5-14 days of placing your order.

The far western US states and some points in Canada may be shipped every other week in November and April. USDA restricted states(AZ, CA, LA & TX) are shipped every other week through January, monthly February and March.

2-3 day delivery and Overnight delivery are available for most products at additional cost, subject to fruit availability. Because fresh products are harvested for packing, some items may not be available at all times. See "Expedited Delivery Service" for further information and a schedule of additional charges.

Fruit to Arizona, California, Louisiana and Texas is specially handled to meet the agricultural requirements of these states.

The regulations stipulate that only fresh fruit may be included in the packages shipped to these states. Therefore we can not ship deluxe styles to the above listed states.

The Last Minute Priority Delivery packs, formerly known as the "Alaska Packs," are available to Alaska with no additional shipping charges. They are our only option for delivery to Alaska.

We cannot ship to Hawaii.

FFS ships to the following provinces in Canada mid-November through April:

  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland
  • Nova Scotia
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • Manitoba
  • Saskatchewan

There is an additional charge to ship to Canada as noted in product descriptions.

Delivery to Europe has been discontinued.

For last minute gifts we recommend The Last Minute Priority Delivery packs. They are our only expedited delivery option.

The Last Minute Priority Delivery packs are available to US destinations except Arizona, California, Hawaii, Louisiana and Texas. They are shipped as soon as possible following receipt of the order via Priority Mail.

All Sunshine Deluxe Assortments include the following:
  • 8 oz. Coconut Patties
  • 5 oz. Honeybell Marmalade
  • 5 oz. Orange Marmalade
  • 8 oz. Orange Blossom Honey

All Southern Deluxe Assortments includes

  • 8 oz. Orange Jelly Candies
  • 6 oz. Mini Coconut Patties
  • 5 oz. Nougat-filled Pecan Roll
  • 8 oz. Orange Blossom Honey

Due to USDA regulations deluxe items can not be packed with fresh fruit in packages crossing the state lines into Arizona, California, Lousiana and TExas. For that reason we are unable to ship fruit packages containing deluxe item to the above mentioned states. We can sent all-fruit styles to these states. We can also send non-fruit gift Treats.

Approximate Number of Pieces Per Box

All Oranges All
Mixed Oranges & Grapefruit
Pak# Size Orangess Grpfrt
#70 1/2 fruit tray 9 5 n/a n/a
#1 1 fruit tray 11-15 6-9 6-8 3-4
#20 1 jumbo tray 16-18 14 9 6
#2 2 fruit trays 22-30 12-18 16 6-8
#3 3 fruit trays 33-45 18-27 24 9-12
#4 4 fruit trays 44-60 24-36 32 12-16
Note: For Deluxe Styles there will be 3-6 fewer pieces of fruit.

Approximate Weight of Fruit Packages

Pak Size Approx Weight Suitable for
#70 1/2 fruit tray 5 lbs/2.25 kg 1 person
#1 1 fruit tray 9 lbs/4 kg 1 person
#20 1 jumbo tray 15 lbs/6.8 kg 2 people
#2 2 fruit trays 18 lbs/8 kg 2-3 people
#3 3 fruit trays 27 lbs/12.25 kg 3-4 people
#4 4 fruit trays 36 lbs/16.3 kg 4-6 people

The following ZIP code regions are included in shipping restrictions that apply to far west and special points ZIP codes:

First 3 Digits of Affected ZIP Codes

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